diumenge, de juny 05, 2005

Isho 'fory (English / French / Welsh / Cornish)

Dwi isho 'fory
I want tomorrow, all the tomorrows
tous les matins du monde
I want them all
"Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have Immortal longings in me."

I want the morning
cool and damp
darkness yielding to day break
the perfume of fading dewfall
the filtered texture of first light

I want the afternoon
sultry and sweat soaked
grimey hands and body smells
the yielding to exhaustion
after a day of progress

I want the evening
its gin and bourbon soaked edges
its steak and morbier glutted hours
the coffee, the conversation, the laughter
the cool breezes of languid and long summer days

Je désire la nuit
les parfums de l'amour
les sentiers des maltentendus
de la vérité cachée
Tout ça je désire avec chaque soupir chaleureux

I would cheat death a thousand times
for one more sip of dowr tomm
one more taste of flesh on my tongue
for the warmth of my fellow monkeys in my ancestral tree
for one more sunrise and one more sunset

God is in the details
Wisdom does come from strange places, Ludwig
God is in the ice cubes awash in my bourbon
God is in the roses in my front yard
God is in the strains of Calon Lan

Each day dawns I do pray
that God is in the day after tomorrow
each days dies and I wish the same
because I want tomorrow
Dwi isho 'fory

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Terry Finley ha dit...

I once wanted to teach languages at a college. I studied Spanish five years and Greek five years. I am now a retired US Army chaplain. I lived in Italy six years. I like your blog.

The best to you.

Terry Finley

Tree ha dit...

Cher ami, I love this poem. Keep up the writing!