diumenge, de novembre 20, 2005

Ein Schönes Wochenende (English / Cornish / French / Welsh / German)

This has been a weekend to remember, on many levels, a weekend that was filled with rose moments, a weekend like I wish all weekends could be, days like I wish all days could be. Friday was the Follies, and I was the MC, a job which I publickly begrudgingly take but which secretly enjoy because I get to dress up in a tux and a full length coat and be glamourous. Looking at myself in the mirror with the tux, I can see that I have the body build to look good in tuxedos and suits, and I should wear them more often. I hate to brag, but I look very elegant in old-timey fashions, a bit movie-star-like. I could see myself tripping the light fantastic with some wafey flapper back in the 20's, a martini in one hand and my other arm around her waist swooshing and dipping and laughing across the dance floor in a black and white world. The Follies were a great success, and I'm sure we raised a nice chunk of cash for the Foundation and the United Way. It was great seeing so many colleagues and students grinning from ear to ear as they acted and enjoyed the spirit of the Follies. After the Follies, I joined several of my fellow revellers at a local eatery and drinkery from some beers before heading home

Saturday morning I had Welsh class, which went fairly well, although three members were unable to come, and that was dissappointing. After that I ran some errands and joined Anna for lunch and estate sales. We went to a place called the "Hidden Cafe" for Middle Eastern Food. I had Babaganouche and a chicken and pasta salad, both loaded with tonnes of garlic, all washed down by a lovely Warsteiner. Next we journeyed to the Spectrum, our local art theater, to watch "Capote," an excellent film about his researching and writing his famous novel In Cold Blood. After the film we went to Nicoles on Route 20 for martinis. After that we travelled to the Real Seafood Company where I enjoyed Scallops St. Jacques, some Hendricks and a nice Riesling.

Wosa hemma, my a re dos yntre yn chy ple my a re ganvoes den yowynk noweth, 22 blwydd oed, ha ev yu pur tek ha hir y goes, ha hwerw y has. Rwyf yn gobeithio y bydd yn ôl un fy nyth yn dydd cyn bo hir, ond os na fydd, roedd un noson yn fendith yn barod.

Sunday I was up early enough to get myself up to Broadalbin to join my colleagues, 13 of us in all, in hike up Hadley Mountain on the north short of the Sacandaga. Le jour était ravissant, un temps radieux, un peu frais, mais avec un soleil brillant. Moi, j'ai porté un pull, une chemise de chasseur, une écharpe, des bottes de randonée et un jean. Tout ça était sufissant pour monter. J'avais aussi ma casquette de randonée ce que j'ai achetée au Pays de Galles, comme ça la sueur de mon front pouvait s'évaporer sans que ma tête ait eu froid.

After the hike, it was back to one of my colleague's homes (Marlene) for beer, chile and bourbon. Now I'm finally at home enjoying some Bowmore and recording my thoughts of a full weekend. It was complete in all that a minor Hedonist like me needs. There was minor adoration, excellent company, excellent libation and food, and wonderful lust. I had a couple major and many minor sins, and as this days closes, thank God I'm a Unitarian, 'cause all this fun, and all this good company cannot be bad at all!!

dimecres, de novembre 16, 2005

Cynulleidfa Wag (Welsh)

unig yw dy fyd
ynghylch dy gyngerddi
dy freuddwydion
cymunedau'r bobl goll fel tithau

ti ddim yn meddwl wrth neb
dim yn wir
dim ond mynd o bonc i fonc
fel pêl pinball

yfed cwrw a fodca rhad
smocio coc a chanfod cyfaill dros dro
dy fyd yw byd yr holl hoywon
yr holl ddynion â châl ar y meddwl
does dim pobl eraill yn y dy fyd

mae bodiau yn dal i fod yn adloniant
actorion ar lwyfan lle ti'n medru dy eiriau melys
dy sibrydion cariadus
dalfaoedd bychain a charedig
lle ti'n casglu calonnau

fel anifeiliaid yn y sŵ
lle ti'n gallu sbio arnon yn ôl dy eisiau
Meistr y bwystfilod a siwgr yn ei law
a medd yn ei geg
ti sy'n rheoli'r sioe - yn dy ben

A thi heb weld nad oes neb
yn llenwi'r seddau
yn y gynulleidfa

divendres, de novembre 11, 2005

Recent Realizations (English / Welsh)

Periodically we all choose poorly. Lately, I have begun to grow aware that in the realm of relationships, I have consistently chosen poorly, even though my strategy has evolved over the years. I do not, in fact choose the same kind of wrong person, I just keep choosing wrong people of different kinds.

I have also realized that the children of the "Me Generation" are growing up to be the "Enabled Generation," a group of semi young people who are so wrapped up in their own egos that they can't even fathom that what they do is wrong or hurtful to others, and ultimately, to themselves. I see a lot of the Enabled Generation's characteristics in the under 30's, although I can think of some examples, early models shall we say, who are in the early to mid-30's. Being enabled is nothing new of course, but this generation seems especially prone to it; their parents have done them an incredible disservice but not being strict with them, but not holding them up to reasonable expectations, by not instilling in them a sense of self reliance and responsibility.

I have also realized that most of my friends who fit into the age range of the Enabled Generation, are indeed enabled, and clueless about others' feelings and emotions. Regardless of what happens and of what their role in what happens may be, it's always someone else's fault. The flagrant abandon with which they behave in this manner is amazing actually.

For my own emotional protection, I'm beginning to realize that I need to limit my time with the "to ifanc", we just don't see eye to eye, and while I appreciate their energy and their exuberance, their total disregard for the feelings of others and their lack of social grace stuns me. I'm not sure if time and experience will temper this disregard, if maturity will bring some kind of reckoning to them. One can only hope...

dijous, de novembre 03, 2005

Mon paradis artificiel (French / Spanish / English)

Ce soir
je flotte
dans un petit paradis artificiel
et je rêve

je rêve des bêtises impossibles
des mains fortes en serrant les miennes
des baisers forts en m'impulsant vers l'extase
de l'amour reciproque
de l'amour perdu dans les abîmes du passé

je rêve de l'autre chemin...

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

Moi, j'ai mal choisi
l'hymne de ma vie devrait être:

Il y avait un moment clé
Il y en avait plusieurs
mais moi, j'ai cru
dans mon ancien rêve
de l'embrasser, de l'aimer fort
de l'aimer toujours

Ya ves que venero, tu imagen divina...

Une fois dans ma vie, c'est vrai
J'ai aimé, et ça fort
Une fois j'ai cherché le vrai accouplage
et j'ai mal choisi
je désirais l'amour imprévisible
voire, impossible
J'ai parié
évidemment tout
et j'ai tout perdu

La vida es la ruleta en que apostamos todos

J'ai un belle vie de rêves accomplis
une vie pleine de roses moments
de chers amis
de chères mémoires
des voyages à l'étranger
de jeunes amants et des soirs de jouissance

Quand même

le rêve qui me hante depuis toujours
me hante toujours
ce que je cherchais tant
je cherche tant toujours
ou bien
je rêve à le chercher

Je ne le cherche plus
pas vraiment
je ne peux plus y croire

L'amant que j'aurais cru trouvé n'est qu'un revenant perverti
mort sur les champs de bataille de ma propre jeunesse
c'est ma croix
mon karma
mon purgatoire
moi qui crois en rien ces jours que la bouteille et l'extase temporaire
moi, j'aime toujours ce petit famtôme ephémère
dont la voix m'a tenté tellement sur les plages galloises il y a tant d'années
un rêve totalement réalisé dans la folie

le peu d'esprit qui me reste
se rappelle toujours d'un ancien rêve
ces jours-ci
fiction totale
d'une belle époque
où je croyais toujours à un passé lointain
où cet amant m'embrassait

je ne crois plus à rien comme ça

Que ça...
en faisant la fête et en cueillant les roses...