dimarts, de febrer 27, 2007

Slgyfaethion (Welsh)

Ia, dwi'di cael fy ffyco unwaith eto gan ddyn. Mae'n anhygoel - dwi'n eu cau ma's y ffycars! Dwi'n eu cadw'n braich hir i ffwrdd ar y cynllun teimladol, ond o hyd ond oes un ohonyn nhw sy'n gallu canfod mynedfa ddigon da heibio pob amddiffyniad sydd gen i.

Yntau, dros benwythnos i gyd yn gorwedd yn felys ac yn hir yn fy mreichiau i, ac y n dweud pob dim rhoslyd oedd yn bosib wrthyf.

Yr holl amser yn dweud celwydd, fel nhw i gyd...

A pheth sydd yn dod yfory? Mae'n iau, a llai o brofiad ganddo, ond mi fydd o'n blasu fy serch am ryw sbel a bydd o'n mynd yn chwilio am ala newydd, fel nhw i gyd.

Dyma fy mywyd...

Bitter, Bitter Sweet Week (English)

bitter, bitter sweet week
as I go forward
new endeavours promulgate about my bow
of this and that
and still the old luggers come sailing by

Bill set sail this week
from the safe harbor of the hospice
St. Peter's
he said he would take up a new habit with the nuns
his words not mine

now he glides along the blue waters of Annwn
journeying to the Pearly Gates, Valhalla or perhaps the abyss
it was time to say farewell
and now his corpse lies in silent repose

and now, if possible, now he knows

and as I bid adieu to my mentor
my colleague
my friend
what reprieve do I find


I pray he has a fine stateroom
on his old paddle boat
chug-chug-chugging along the Styx
with good old Morpheus at the helm

in my world it's a sorry mix of Pirate Jenny and the Pirates of Penzance

the same old class of sorry scows comes to dock
offering some frigging in the rigging
at cheap fare
a few orgasms and a couple free meals

and that, even that
in the guise of love

still not bad
helps pass away the doldrums

and tonight came calling at the quay
a sweet old schooner from a long ago yesterday
I thought surely lost among pescatarian seas
poor old thing had a hole the bottom
but I used my skill to plug it up

and tomorrow
I pull in at Siam
to sample the wares of yet another hopeful first mate
although I reckon by now it is I who is the more hopeful

my bow is barnacled
and my sails are ragged
my balast is soaking
and my rudder is worn

still why not sail on
one more sunset
like the lost Catalan
while I may not find India

I may just find something else to dream on...

diumenge, de febrer 25, 2007

My Regional Variation (English)

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

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The Inland North
The South
The Northeast
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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dissabte, de febrer 17, 2007

Musings on an Abortive Love Affaire (English / Spannish / Welsh / French)

the dream is sweet
ephemeral though it is
as fleeting as a thought
or memory of lost happiness

but amid your kisses
almost real
I lost myself that night

your embraces
warm like ice
in retrospect
gave heat to my soul

I enjoyed you
moment by moment
enough love for all eternity
even if it was all a ruse

à cette étape
il n'y a que des ruses, des blagues
aucune sincerité amoureuse fréquente la péripherie de mon être
donc, j'existe pour jouir de ces petits rêves que les uns comme toi me donnent
mais ça plus rarement...

tonight I would dream on you
think of tomorrows
of possibilities
but that is foolish

ya estoy viejo para estar resentido
tu irás, si ya no te has ido
y yo me quedaré dormido
sin nada, solo los cádaveres de mis deseos
espíritus de mis sueños antiguos

pues que te vayas
y que me dejes saber tu olvido
como se me olvidó de los otros
tus antepasados

mae fy mreuddwyd amdanat ti yn marw
y diflannu fel mwg ar y gwynt
daeth dy neges yn glir, bore 'ma
oeddat ti am ffoi

a ffoi 'nest ti
roedd y poen y hawdd i'w weld yn dy lygaid
gormod oedd
dim fi oedd dy nod, ond addawiad dy freuddwyd dy hun

Pero esta vez
no hay yantos
esta vez mi alma rechaza el papel que desempeñaste
y regreso a la fortaleza de mi futuro solo

sin ti, sin nadie
con solo la empatía de los desconocidos-
en el desierto de mis amores
ya no hay aguas suficientes para llorar

(Dros Dai bach ddaeth ataf i dwywaith gan addo posiblrwydd melys ond yn cynnig calon celwyddgi)