dilluns, de febrer 20, 2006

What My Aunt Natalie Wrote (English)

Feb. 8, 06

Dear Robbie,

I was going thru some snap shots the other day and came across two I think you should have.

The one is a picture of my father's younger brother, Moses Jones, his wife Polly, and daughter and here husband. The other is of a beautiful collie. The daughter used to raise them and got prizes for some.

I'll hang onto the pictures and when you come down home sometime, maybe you can come by and get them. The is some info written on them.

Since you are the only one interested in that side of our family, thought you should have them.

I'm fairly well. Really should be happy to be as good as I am at 93.

How is your house coming? Thanks for the cards you sent in the summer when you were on your travels.

Jan. & Feb so far have been very nice. Jan. was quite warm. Of course we'll have about 6 weeks of winter yet, but every good day helps.

My niece is coming from Allentown tomorrow and we'll so some running around. I still drive, but only to grocer, drug store, Drs and church.

Take care of yourself and enjoy all the things you can.