dilluns, d’octubre 03, 2005

Ancient Memories (English)

I don't know who you are
nor were
But I can't help but feel ancient memories
lurk behind your face

Your face and eyes were ghosts to me
I saw you, and I was lost for a moment
ancient karmic memory
or deep delusions
I can't tell which
the glint of your hazel eyes
the stitch in your lip
your olive skin
your dark hair
conjured old feelings in me
you seemed like so many lovers and erstwhile lovers
that to me were so dear

Were you one of them returned from across the Styx?
coming to taunt me and haunt me for a while
Or were you just a collection a pleasant peptides for my desire weary brain?

Just like a ghost you vanished
back into the ephemera from whence you came
Taking your beautiful eyes
your olive skin
your dark hair
and all the dreams I dreamt of them with you
back into the darkness