dimarts, d’octubre 11, 2005

Robat bysi (English / Welsh / Cornish / French)

No post for a while, not surprising, life has taken on its usual semesterly frenetic pace. I have spent the past month getting house number two ready for tenants. I have successfully rented the upstairs flat for the price I desired; although the downstairs flat has been quite a bit more challenging. Two decent prospects had presented themselves, but so far, no tickee, hence, no washee. Hopefully something will come by the end of the month. With the upstairs flat rented, I'm at least covering the mortgage and snow removal, but I'm really looking forward to having the month-to-month gravy from the other flat. For my budgeting purposes, I'm planning on paying the taxes for both houses out of my overload pay, but in real terms the longer the downstairs flat stays empty, the longer I'm actually losing money. This is of course is part of the risk of rental properties, but I would just as soon change that situation as possible. It doesn't change the fact that I bought the property at $30,000 below market value, and have only put $6,500 into to get it up to snuff, and all the while, the value is increasing. Still, the "gravy" would be lovely. Between the flat I rent from the house where I live and the second flat there, it would be like my getting three full paychecks every month. Who wouldn't want that?

Besides these sorts of things, I have been up to my usual socializing, today being no exception. After teaching till 12:30, I helped a couple Japanese students with their regular German verbs and how to decline the Akkusativ, then went to my colleague Marlene's house for an afternoon of Sex on the Beach and hors d'oeuvres, as well as conversation with a variety of colleagues. Marlene is nearing the end of a convalescence from some surgery and wanted to invite all her friends from work over for an afternoon of camaraderie. It was very nice, with great food and great spirits, in multiple ways. Next, it was on to the Table Française de la Vallée du Mohawk where we had a Basque themes supper, copious wine, and I helped thhostessse present some information on the Basque Country.

Now finally it's home, to sit back and relax with my good friend Basil Haydens and call it a night.

Hag an caryoryon? Eus, yma nowedhow war'n tra hemma, mes nyns yu mar dha yn wir. Oeddwn i wedi dechrau rhamant newydd, ac wedi ei gorffen yn yr un wythnos. A gweud y gwir, does dim wedi newid o gwbl. Nowedhow drok yu caryoryon, pur drok!