diumenge, de gener 21, 2007

Pretty Eyes (English / French)

not a dry eye in the place

I saw your eyes today
first time in years

I remembered two things about you
your eyes and your stubby fingers

I remembered also
how your eyes drew me in then
that one evening
drew me into where I could fall in love

I dreamed so many times of your eyes then
holding your hands
kissing your lips
holding your small body next to mine

even then when I didn't know you were fay
you were younger then
so was I
I still believed in love and you knew you could never love me
or anyone like me

comment tes yeux brillaient
quel esprit y vivait
ton doux sourire, ton heureux rire
après le passage du temps perdu
j'ai fini par ne plus penser en toi du tout

then like an old photograph
of a cherished loved-one
found perchance in an antique store
you came back from the cobwebbed past

and today, years gone blowing by
I saw you
older now, more water under your bridge
your eyes still as brillant as ever

I watched you all day
listening to your tales
always looking into those beautiful eyes
and remembering languid dreams

it's too bad Pretty Eyes
that I couldn't have made you fall in love with me then
from where I sit it looks like your journey has been hard
the lines on your face tell the story
and while your eyes still glimmer as they did when you were younger
they show signs of duress

at my side it would not have been that way, I fancy
and if only I could have been the object of your desire then
both of our paths may have been brighter
crosses are borne more lightly by two than by one
but that was not to be, nor indeed, shall it be I feel

So Pretty Eyes, I'm sad tonight
because I can no longer love who you were or may have been
nor shall I love who you are
for while your eyes still enchant me
it seems all to clear the passage of time has broken you down
and love may not even be yours to give
even if it were mine to receive...