diumenge, de maig 08, 2005

Random Thought (English)

A random thought:

If you design your own paradigm and follow it, it will prove true most of the time.

Not advice, just an observation of the annoyingly lucky, who believe all their own bullshit. On second thoughtm naybe it is advice...


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Tree ha dit...

Hello my dear friend! Sometimes belief is not enough. Sometimes the house of cards will not stand no matter how much we see real wood and nails.

Life has been very hard for me lately, but the prognosis is that I'll eventually heal and my scars will be a reminder.

I will contact you soon to make plans. We need a few stiff drinks. I've hired a sniper to take out Cupid. We'll all be happier when he's no longer a threat. That arrow is still lodged in me. The bastard.