diumenge, de juliol 17, 2005

Dateline: Hamburg (English / Cornish / German / Breton)

Mat ar jeu? E Hambourg on o vizskrivañ hag o evañ kafe e-barzh ranndi ma mignonez Dörthe...

At this point I'm sitting quietly and sipping coffee at my friend Dörthe's apartment on Hartwig-Hesse Strasse in Hamburg, after an intense, but all too short a week in Rennes studying Breton. When I get back home I will write in more detail about what I learned in Brittany beyond just the language. The trip so far has been extremely profitable in the French sense of the word, and today is really my first quiet day.

It was great yesterday seeing D again for the first time in a couple years. We went to college together at East Stroudsburg, and often times, she from Germany, and I from Pennsylvania, were the only two non-native speakers in our Spanish classes. I arrived here by Nachtzug from Paris early gestern Morgen. Dann haben wir die ganze Tag zusammen passiert. Später im Abend, wir sind Spazieren um dem Altsee gegangen, und dann in Sala Thai, ein sehr gutes und schones Restaurant, gegessen. Heute arbeitet Dörthe und mache ich fast nichts denn habe ich zu viel schon gemacht! LOL

I have to wonder though, what is happening on the homefront. Are my "business" plans going through according to plan? I've had no word from my attorney, mortgage broker or real estate agent, and I would like to think no news is good news. They all have my international cell-phone number, so there's no reason for them not to call of there were a problem.

I've come to be of two minds now about buying the second house to rent. Sure, it would be nice to have the extra income and the investment, but it also translates into extra work, and it does seem like I have enough to keep me busy. Whether the deal goes through or not, I think it will be a bittersweet moment.

At times like these it makes me think that it would be nice to have a life-partner just to share some of this kind of work as well. Oh well, a life lived not just following one's own path, but instead actuallz taking out the machete and hacking through the brush to make one's own does have its price.

Ha pandra rak an den yowynk a re dos dhymm cyns? Ev a re anvon negesow testun dhymm war an pellgows an dydh a dheus omma, mes lemmyn, netra, nyns eus an un ger ahano. Hwari hwariow bighan a wra, evel pub mab bighan. Nyns eus nowethow ena...

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Tree ha dit...

It is good to read your post and know that you are enjoying your sojourn. Thanks for the postcard! I'm looking forward to seeing you. Be well.