dimarts, de juliol 05, 2005

Last Little Poem before the Rainbow Tour 2005 (English)

Carriage return
tap tap tap tap

back to the margin
write another line
maybe a new line
damn poem
just keeps saying the same thing over and over again

Still, dammit, I'm the one writing it
maybe I should write something new
stop writing a poem
begin a novel

Oh yes, a novel, dark and stormy nights
Miss Buttercup in the kitchen with a daubière...
nope too trite
over done
my life's a cliché, no reason that all my writing be one too

Shit shit shit
same old line different day
damn damn damn
outworn patterns
the letters just show up the page now

Alas, yes something new
a change is a good as a rest they say
so now to run-away for a respit
The Welsh mountain air
The inland breezes of Brittany
The fog of Niedersachsen
The stones of Salisbury

32 days to run and play
32 days to forget a little bit
32 days to renew plodding spirits
32 days to be someone new
32 days to figure who the hell I would like to be...

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Tree ha dit...

Bon voyage mon ami! I hope you have a safe and fabulous trip. I enjoyed this bit of writing. Then again, I enjoy all your writing.