dilluns, de setembre 26, 2005

Pour eux (English / French)

For their sake
I pray for an eternal soul
They who would not venture out
They who would not embrace desire
They who would not dare to be wreckless

For their sake
I seek a God who may not be
They who would not not love as men
They who would not fuck like beasts
They who not drink with sagacious abandon

For their sake
I attempt faith like a boy in a stick-shift car
They who would not stand up to tyrants
They who would not stand up for themselves
They who would retreat as children or Victorian scullery maids

For their sake
I strut upon the stage like a fool and a maniac
They who would only watch and never act
(Il faut, quand même, agir!)
They who would wait for tomorrow
Because tomorrow might be a better day to live

For their sake
I prostrate myself before the altar of hope
And yearn for them to see
The world and all they will ever know is now
Tomorrow is a shallow dream of yet unborn ghosts

Il ne faut pas tarder
Au jourd'hui c'est, en fait
le dernier jour de ta vie
pour tout ce que tu peux en savoir
Fais la fête, danse dans le bal
Ce n'est pas encore trop tard....