dijous, de setembre 22, 2005

Updates (English)

So many days have passed without an entry, but this is the norm when life's other bits and pieces begin to consume too much of my life.

Here are some recent updates:

1) Things with the new house are going well, and more or less according to plan, albeit a more expensive plan than I had counted on. Fortunately one flat is already rented for October, and it seems like I have someone for the other one as well. Hopefully both will pan out, but at least having the upper rented will cover the mortgage and a nice slice of the taxes, so I won't really be feeling a dreadful pinch.

2) Classes are still going well. I've probably stabilized at 200 students, and still have the two idiots I had to begin with. Nevertheless, they are rarely a source of true annoyance yet, and an idiot level of 1% is extremely good. Most of the classes have had their first assignments by now, and in general, all looks well.

3) All the people in my circle who had been going through rough times seem to be coming out of the darkness well, and this is a source of great joy, especially Bill, whose cancer treatments are going quite well. He's on radiation and oral chemo, but not feeling any real ill effects.

4) Love, however, is still a cunt...

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Tree ha dit...

Hey Gwyddno. Glad to hear things are going well with your budding real estate empire.

Re: students. I agree, a 1% idiot level is quite good. Can't really expect any better than that.

I'm also happy to hear that your friend's treatments appear to be working.

And yes, love is still a cunt. *sigh*

(BTW...still waiting for your LIAC post).

I miss you and am hoping we can reschedule our weekend of drunken lamentation soon.