diumenge, de novembre 26, 2006

Late Autumnal Musings (English / Welsh)

I want to float forever on the blue waters of Annwn
always together in harmony with the three's..

y gorffenol, that which is finished
y presennol, that which is not finished, but still nascent
y dyfodol, that which is to come

Cylch yr Abred, the Circle of Change
Cylch y Gwynfyd, the Circle of Purity
Cylch y Ceugant, the Circle of Ultimacy

Annwn, the world of memories
Y Dwfn, the deep waking world where the Cunning Forest grows in the light of stars
Y Dyfnaf, the Summer Lands, where the ancestors dream and remember old love

Three worlds, nine vales, the number is complete and compelling
and old story borne by ancient Druids in white robes
from the throats of my ancestors
to the world of the tomorrow

I will not give up easily on this world of struggle, bydysawd
slowly, slowly the men in white lab coats today
piece together evidence
compelling, though incomplete
that maybe, just maybe, all this means something more

more than to live one's moment
to strut upon the stage and then take one's messy curtain call
amid a cacophony of coughs and baffling of bowels
more than the futile biological imperative to survive
since even the planet will be consumed by the lust of the dying sun
like Greek boys were consumed by wrinkled senators and decadent philosophers

perhaps it is possible in this quantum universe
ultimately to experience everything
and that my tiny life
lost in a tiny backwater
on a small planet
in an uninspiring star system
on the outskirts of the Milky Way
may not be the end of my story after all

that perhaps one day
in another time and place
I will have lived a life that will inspire another
as Chavela and Frida inspire and touch mine
like Millie and Helen have done
great stories that take lifetimes to write
if they are ever written
and even then the words are dead before the page is printed

for they can live only in our minds
and then perhaps carried forever on Theta Waves
along the blue waters of Annwn
forever always
and never really
into the uncertain embrace of the Question Mark