dilluns, de novembre 20, 2006

Sweet Memory of a Night of Fondness (English / Cornish)

I have a weakness for your kind
you remind me of a ghost that still haunts the fringes of my world
your dark eyes
your olive skin
your youth
your smell
opium to my peptide hungry body

You were the perfect lover
a century, two, even more might have passed
I would still have longed for your earnest lust
still savor the taste of your kisses
the tell-tale traces of cigarette smoke on your tongue
the scent of my own body on your face as you came close to me

And while we met just once
And we are unlikely to meet again
I relish in the memory
and take heart in the quantum present
where our embraces live in an eternal now

Like all those who have come before you
and those who may come after
while we are imperfect for each other
while our worlds will never fit together
I enjoyed you and will remember you fondly
even to my dying day

(Dhe "Dynek" a re dos dhymm a'n komolyow war nos ergh wlyp mys Du. My a vydh dha gara evel my a re dha gara an nos-henna ;) )