divendres, d’agost 10, 2007

Out, Out, Damn Maybe's (English)

life will be sweeter
when the "'just maybe's" are gone
when I no longer dream of youthful pursuits
when I accept my fate
and dream not of love, but merely of a valiant death

life will be sweeter
when "just maybe" is a distant memory
when I remember my attemtps at love
as no more than painful memories
when love has no soil in which to grow

life will be sweeter
when my longing for what never was
is stronger
than what will never be

2 comentaris:

Tree ha dit...

Ouch. That was good and painful.

I miss you, my friend.

Bacchus ha dit...

Thanks for your kind words. You know, there is someone for whom I've developed an affection, and yet as I draw closer it's like putting my fingers around a candle's flame, the pain only grows stronger as we grow closer.