dimecres, d’agost 08, 2007

Unigrwydd (English)

piercing chill of January
ice upon the spring's threshold
I, I slide along
making paths through the frozen snow
creating worlds that cannot exist

December near freezing
I help carry the thin body of a kindred
down into the brown grass
where she will lay forever
melting into her sarcophogus

in the frozen earth of March
I laid another dear soul down
I carried her to her dying place
an thence I laid her down
I alone will whisper her name on tear soaked nights

any given trip to the land of my birth
I journey across many miles, from beyound the Endless Mountains
to the place of lost love
and there I place roses
upon your hallowed ground, I alone - no one knows

in my home I erect a musuem
to who I was with you
alone now to face what you already have embraced
alone, alone I weep I alone for you
an image of pity and disgust

visitors are bemused at my icons
they rarely inquire
in my home the love that lives is a ghost
a whisper on the wind
from a land where streets were bricked

now slowly with each year
I begin to close these others out
hide my treasures of the past for me and me alone
they will never love me as I loved you
and I will fade alone

perhaps on some January day
when springs have frozen over
and some small boy somewhere dreams
of worlds that cannot be
I, I shall watch from a distant pane, alone...

2 comentaris:

Melanie ha dit...

Wow. You are a wonderful writer. Loved it. Hmm, but having a flash back...you didn't perhaps write me a letter in high school?

Bacchus ha dit...

Thank you. I don't show my blog to many people, so few people read it, but it touches me when someone appreciates what I write. As for High School, not all my memories from then are as crisp as I would like. Perhaps I did write a letter to you! Tell me more!!