divendres, de novembre 11, 2005

Recent Realizations (English / Welsh)

Periodically we all choose poorly. Lately, I have begun to grow aware that in the realm of relationships, I have consistently chosen poorly, even though my strategy has evolved over the years. I do not, in fact choose the same kind of wrong person, I just keep choosing wrong people of different kinds.

I have also realized that the children of the "Me Generation" are growing up to be the "Enabled Generation," a group of semi young people who are so wrapped up in their own egos that they can't even fathom that what they do is wrong or hurtful to others, and ultimately, to themselves. I see a lot of the Enabled Generation's characteristics in the under 30's, although I can think of some examples, early models shall we say, who are in the early to mid-30's. Being enabled is nothing new of course, but this generation seems especially prone to it; their parents have done them an incredible disservice but not being strict with them, but not holding them up to reasonable expectations, by not instilling in them a sense of self reliance and responsibility.

I have also realized that most of my friends who fit into the age range of the Enabled Generation, are indeed enabled, and clueless about others' feelings and emotions. Regardless of what happens and of what their role in what happens may be, it's always someone else's fault. The flagrant abandon with which they behave in this manner is amazing actually.

For my own emotional protection, I'm beginning to realize that I need to limit my time with the "to ifanc", we just don't see eye to eye, and while I appreciate their energy and their exuberance, their total disregard for the feelings of others and their lack of social grace stuns me. I'm not sure if time and experience will temper this disregard, if maturity will bring some kind of reckoning to them. One can only hope...