dijous, de desembre 01, 2005

For the nick in the cup... (English / French)

Old lament
song never changes
l'empire se débauche
c'est normal
I wish you could love me dear
I long for you to love me dearly
to let me hold you in my arms
for as long as I got on this meter
I want to kiss you face till my teeth hurt
I will to kiss your sex until my tongue rots
I want to lay in bed with you till my body fails
but none of that really interests you
you have unchartered waters yet to imagine
and I have rowed most of them already

Alas, alack, my plaintive complaints
so many came before
all unrequited
passion unfulfilled is passion still
better than complacency
far better than perfection
Having had you once, twice and thrice is better than never
Beggars can't be choosers Momma always says
Still I would choose you and beg you
beg for you
Maybe longing for your love and lust is why I'm alive...

1 comentari:

Tree ha dit...

Again I will say it...get this shit up on LIAC!

I've only been asking for, oh I don't know, SEVEN months!

Anyway, my friend, it was good to lament with you over the holidays. I look forward to our next visit. In January? Your neck of the woods is just balmy that time of year.

I'll bring the rum.