diumenge, de juliol 02, 2006

Happy July (English / Spanish / Cornish)

Happy July! Well happy or not, July is here. The weather of my childhood has finally migrated northwards. I can remember those old Poconian summers sans aire acondicionado, sitting on our black pleather furniture, my mother's notion of a Mediterranean look gone sadly awry, sweating more quickly than we would like into a moist and tawdry death, our corpses moldering within milliseconds should we have the sense to stop breathing. When I moved to Upstate New York, the summers were lovely and gentle, full of blue skies and languid little white puffy clouds decorating the heavens with cheerful curves. For two weeks the unbearable humidity, the sultry Mississippi afternoons, would invade our lives and then be gone into the oncoming truck of Autumn. Alas, those lovely cool summers have evaporated with the tropical moisture. It's the Red Dragon and the White Dragon all over again.

Nonetheless, with the work I'm doing inside, I've not been bothering with the AC. I'm blessed with two units, enough to cool my flat and dry it out. I've had rare opportunities to use them. It doesn't seem safe to run them in this tight house when I'm using caustic chemicals. So I've been sweating my ass off. I'm not joking. I sat down on a wooden chair yesterday and gave myself a black-and-blue mark on my buttox. My ass has melted away and left only loose flesh to wave in the wind like the New Orleans flag on my front porch.

The work has progressed however, inspite of the gross heat, the mosquitos, the malaria. Ok, Ok, I'm not digging the Panama Canal, but it sure feels like it at times. I have painted the wainscotting in the kitchen, and all the trim and doors. The Christian Bible says something about their God saying, "In my house are many mansions." Well in my kitchen are many openings. No one was thinking kitchens in 1920. For all the lovely hardwood they poured into this structure, they weren't thinking ahead. My kitchen has six doors and two windows. It is more a hallway than a kitchen. This leaves incredibly little room for counters or cupboards, but considering I have to install them, I'm not complaining about that right now. It does make for a hellishly long process in painting. Now I'm onto the papering. I managed to paper 1/3 of the room today. It can take an hour to trim around one doorway. Well it can take me that long. Alaas I am no handyman. While my skills are improving with the passing years, they are still far beyond what I need.

Yesterday I accomplished nothing, but that was because I went to Pam and Richard's July 4th party. Anna came along as well, and everyone seemed have a lovely time. As usually I got too drunk and perhaps a touch of the heat stroke, as the drink seemed to affect me much more quickly than normal. Nonetheless I managed not to say anything about sloppy vaginas or reveal anything untoward about my sex life.

Ha wosa hemma, nos a gara gans den-jentyl koth, mes pur wheg!