dissabte, de juliol 29, 2006

Post Libertine Thoughts (English / Welsh / Cornish)

You come into my world
from time to time
and I lust for you
yet I have never tasted you

I wish you into being
into my arms
into my bed
into my heart

Yet, you never come
you remain without
lurking about the periphries of my world
a ghost whose identity I wish I could recall

I heard the actress once say:
"I will not swap my certain glory
for your undependable love."
She was wise

I am not
for I am a small man
who lives in a small collection of rooms
I have means that are not vast, yet I have rose moments

and for those I live
for those I cling to this mortal coil
for those I rise each morning
with hope beating still in my weary and pain wracked breast

the more I get to know your ilk
the more I long to avoid you altogether
you are dark and empty
Llawn o anialwch

And still, I wish to show
dirgel ddyn fy nghalon
i rywun, i un dyn....
sooner or later

but the days wander on
day after day
and I know the score
the days ahead are fewer and fewer than they were

and as I approach the end
(we are all approaching the end
Do not fool yourselves...)
I come to agree with the ficticious Earl of Rochester's honest conclucsion:

"Life is not a succession of urgent nows. It is a listless trickle of 'Why should I's?'"

(Dhe bub den a garys po mynnys gara)