dimecres, de juliol 19, 2006

Les mots d'amour (English / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Welsh)

Sie kammen von Norden und Süden...

these friends
we call them in this land
these well-loved as in the language of Gentle France,
ces amis,
in another amigos
cyfeillion in the Old Language,
fellow servants
like compatriots, those all in the same muck and milieu

They come, and they go
and are well loved while at our sides
sometimes only in our cybersphere today
those whom we call by nickname
of their making or of our own
such as
or even, gods help us
And others still whose names would bare no curtailment

Each of this kind holds a special place in our hearts
not unlike co-combatants in the Verdennes
not just for today, but for many years
tho as time moves on we may lose sight of them
may lose favor in their houses
may even more feel the icey shadows of impatience or rejection
yet we remember the warm embraces
the long days spent
in deep contemplation
or inebriation

Sie kommen und sie gehen
Freunden, wie kommt der Wind
und wie der Wind so schnell gehen Weg
aber wenn ist das Wetter heiβ
ein schöner, kühler Wind ist etwas rares
und daβ wert der Mühe...
... und das Leiden

In this quantum cosmos
My ancestors call it a World of Struggle
even when friendship dies or fades from view
one cannot change so much what was for it always is and never was
the moment is the moment and is real
as real as any experience however brief or enduring
those long summer days
those cold winter nights
coupled with poetry
Old Raj
Filet Mignon or chickpeas
whatever was real is
the love never dies but sometimes sleeps till death opens the door
to remembering, cherishing, regretting and holding dear

Tout simplement, si une fois je vous ai aimés,
Je vous aimerai toujours
Même que vous me trahissez peut-être un jour
d'une manque d'humilité, d'un orgueil mal-placé
Je ne me méfierai jamais de ce que je vous ai donné
Ni rejeterai-je jamais l'amour
qu'autrefois je me sentais chez vos meilleurs vœux....


Un petit mot de remerciement à tous ceux qui m'ont embrassé et à ceux qui m'embrasse actuellement, et, le veuille Dieu, à tous ceux qui n'ont pas encore fait ma conaissance...

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guayec ha dit...

Not much spanish and italian, though, for such a title. Welsh, I couldn't say.
But I got the idea, anyway.

guayec ha dit...

Oh, sorry. Didn't introduce myself. I'm nobody. I'm not a critic, just a surfer.

Gwyddno Schenectady ha dit...

That's true, in this entry there is only one word of Spanish. My general rule has been to mention if a given post has a given language in the order of frequency the language appears in the post from most frequent to most infrequent. Thanks for stopping by :)