dimarts, d’agost 29, 2006

Breathe, one more breath (English)

Come on
Come on
just a little while longer
it shouldn't be long now
one more breath
then the next
ignore the off beats of your faltering heart
ignore the sobbing heaves of your chest
ignore the struggle between these sorry foes
one more breath
it won't be long now
and soon you will be free
let it die
let it slink off into a forgotten place
an oubliette of the soul
its ultimate irrelevance should be impetus enough
to breathe
one more breath
and let it die
you can feel it slipping
slipping from your embrace
from the sphere of your dreamspeak worlds
where there
and only there
it has ever been real
with your greying hair
the dissembling of your own feelings has begun
the neural pathways that fed this addiction are growing impoverished
your aging biology cannot replace the brain cells fast enough anymore
and besides
the succor of the magic of distillations is a greater boon than hope these days
the realm of what used to be is becoming more interesting than what may be
your identity has begun its slow descent into dissociating memories
the bend in the long road is nearly turned
with time
that heals all wounds
or causes them to be forgotten
all you will do is remember gaunt figures of former friendly faces
you can do it
hold on a little while longer
one more breath
and maybe it will die