diumenge, d’agost 20, 2006

An Spyrys a re dhos (English / French / Welsh / Spanish)

A message from Spirit came tonight, as I took a sultry walk through the Great Forest of the Question Mark. After sweating for more than an hour, the Spirit sent a message to me about doors in a long hallway through Scott, a junior medium. The medium said that he could see me in a long hallway with many doors, and that I would touch the handles, stop, think, and not open them. He reassured me that I should open some of those doors, because they are all unlocked, and that while not all, nearly all concealed what I was searching for to make my life complete.

It was an interesting reaffirmation, or coincidence, I know not which (as I have variously written prior, I know very little with certainty). Are these doors symbolic of my attempts at love? If so, then his admonition that I have not been opening them is misplaced, as I open so many of them, but if this is a prediction, that now is the time to open more doors and step through, so be it. One thing, and one thing only has eluded me all these years, and that is a real cariad cywir, un amor reciproque. If I were to find such a love, my hope would be that we would be together pour toujours, au grand jamais, but even if such a love came to my world once in my life, and the moment was brief, but real, I would be able to finish my days at least feeling bitter sweet, and not just bitter.

Sadly, I am not given to know, nor am I anylonger equipped with the ability to believe, and thus I wait, bemusedly, the fist that awaits at the end of the valley...

Still, why complain?

I often hope that there is a balance to this World of Struggle, that I have committed some grave wrong to the universe to be blessed in some ways in this life, but to be robbed and cursed of the one thing I have always desired. Because, if there is not, if this all there is, the world is so much darker than we want to believe it is. And, if this is the case, then I take back all the sorrows I have ever published, and I renounce all claims to love, because no matter where tomorrow takes me, my end will ultimately be far better than most my fellow monkeys.

Still the doors... I have thought about what else those doors might be, and am left stumped. The message was apropos even if accidental. More contemplation is required.