dijous, de setembre 21, 2006

Dydh da dhymm (English / Welsh / Cornish)

Dydh da ddhymm...

Today has been good.... classes went well, got all my corrections done (more than 130!!), the union meeting went well, as did the social hour. My back was a crank today, but better than it has been, and come home and whom do I get to see, but a longtime special friend whom I was longing to see.

Ac efo'r cyfaill: cusanu, cydio, cofleidio, diwedd da i ddydd da.

Dydy fy mywyd i ddim yn berffaith o bell ffordd, ond mae'n wych o dro i dro!

Fel y dywedir yng Nghernyw gâr, yn Kernow kêr: Dar!

PS: I know he gets these blogs, so I ask myself why Nathaniel bach was exceedingly something or rather....