diumenge, de setembre 17, 2006

To J (English)

Tonight I hosted a poker party
and I drank
a lot
cos it was my turn to host
and at the end
whom did I think about
goddam it
and now
my fingers numb
you left me a text message
and now I think of you
and I want your body next to mine
I want to make love to you
like we have done
so many times
over the last three years
I want you dammit
I want you dammit
because for three years
I've held no one else as often
as I've held you

2 comentaris:

Anònim ha dit...

Hmmm - pwy yw J? Mae blas o gariad yn yr awyr?


Gwyddno Schenectady ha dit...

J ydy hen gyfaill "sbesial" awn ni ddweud. Mae o 'di bod yn ymweld â fi ers tair mlynedd. Nag oes, does dim blas o gariad yn yr awyr, gweatha'r modd, ond mae'n borthladd gyffrous mewn storm ddu ;) Oeddwn am ei weld neithiwr, ond yn anffodus, allwn i ddim gael gafael arno fo :(