dilluns, de desembre 27, 2004

The Long Journey Home (English / Cornish)

It's official, I'm pooped, nackered, kaput, tuckered out, done in, crevé, wedi blino'n llwyr - bring me my pillow and my blanky.

I know I'm getting older when I can't drive all day anymore without getting cranky and sore. Sign of the times I guess.

I got up bright and early this morning after not sleeping terribly well last night. The Indian food Theresa and I had at the Tandoor Palace was quite tasty, but something didn't go down the right way. I cannot forthrightly blame the Indian food; the entire day was a gluttonous tour of glutens, which is something I must stay away from, especially those in that nasty white over-processed wheat we like to eat in America. I had a doughnut at two meals and one in between yesterday, and then I also tempted fate by eating a turkey sandwich and some Amish macaroni salad. I ate more glutens in one day than I normally do in a month, and man was I bloated, oy vey!

Anyway, today I did right, met Suzanne, with whom I studied at East Stroudsburg University doing my Bachelor's. I ate a far healthier breakfast than I had the day prior, and Sue and I had a good long gripe about students, society, and other sundries. Then I hopped in my bagnole and zoomed to Binghamton to see the Toms, Thomas Austin O'Connor Sr. and Jr. The Senior was my professor at Binghamton University when I was doing my Masters degrees there, and in the process of doing them, as luck would have it, I met and befriended the Junior. Then zoom zoom some more later on in the afternoon, and I was home. The I called Carolyn, Tom Jr.'s sister who now lives over the river in East Greenbush, and got my belated birthday and Christmas presents from her!! Notably for Christmas she got me Yoga gear, since next week she and I are starting a Yoga course together in Albany, learning, not teaching. This time of year, the New Year notwithstanding, is high time for me to get my ass back in the swing over over all healthy living. That does not mean I won't still be a hedonist. I'm not giving up my booze and fancy food for a hell of a long time, I'm just adding more exercise, water, leafy greens and some food for the soul to round it out. A healthy life is a well balanced life after all ;)

My a vyn kysky lemmyn. Pur skwith yu vy! Mos y'n gwely wrav - Nos da!