dijous, de febrer 03, 2005

Imbolg (English / Spanish / Welsh)

I have been away these past couple days, cocooning and cleaning, reorganizing parts of the house that need a little of that, in casual observance of Imbolg, the halfway mark in the dark half of the year. Sadly, Imbolg is a generally forgotten Pagan Rit these days, and even I merely noted it's passing without doing much more symbolic than cleaning my closet. It reinforces the continuing falling away from the cycles of nature to which we are all prone, and for which, no doubt, we will all pay at some point.

Having been too busy with practical matters, my mind has not yet returned to musing, altho I do realize that I must complete the second installment of Synchronicity. This weekend I will be going to visit Tom in Binghamton. After my return I will reveal the rest of the twisted connections in that story. Already I have finished the list of alternate names for the "characters," each on purloined from or based upon El Arcipreste de Hito's Libro de buen amor. I could think of no better muse for the rest of that story ;)

Tan hwyrach...