dijous, d’abril 14, 2005

Casgliad o feddyliau amrywiol (English / Cornish / Welsh)

Today has been exhausting, but good - well suffice to say it has had its ups and downs. Here are the varied things which I have accomlished today:

1) I taught my normal 4.5 hours this morning, Elementary Spanish, Intermediate French, then finally Intermediate Spanish. Real progress actually seems to have been made in the latter two. The former was rather slow and pokey at producing material, but did manage to get them laugh a little, no small feat for 8AM. At the end of the day they seemed to have accomplished some small recognition of their tasks as well.

2) At 12:30 I began playing the movie "Hero" for the language club, and then went to lunch.

3) By 2PM I was in a 15 passanger van full of a colleague's Bio students headed for what I like to call "Willy Wonka's" Marsh. The real name is the Willye Road Marsh under the care of the New York DEC and it lies about three miles outside of Gloversville and Johnstown. The weather was lovely, and the walk through the woods and along the boardwalks through this man-made marsh wer quite pleasant. I got my muddy sneakers a little muddier and chuckled at the city kids acting like wussies when the branches from small trees and bushes smacked them. I also learned the difference between a marsh and a bog, but I'm not telling what it is.

4) I returned to the college by 4PM, changed my shoes and proceeded back to Johnstown in the company of four of my colleagues to Union Hall, the tiny city's most reputable eatery where I enjoyed a relatively light supper and three Grey Goose martinis.

5) The reason we were going to Union Hall (several more colleagues joined us there) was to commiserate and fortify ourselves before the Board of Trustees Meeting at 7:30. Commiserate? Yes, we have gone all year without a new contract, and we went to the BOT to show solidarity and annoy them.

At last I am at home, enjoying a tall cold Yuengling, and thinking about tomorrow. Life is, no matter how you slice it, damn weird. Ha py tra rag avarow? Den. Ia, den noweth. Den dew. My re vos dhe chy dybri gans un den nos Sul dhewetha, mes war y wolyow yma ev lemmyn. Yma'n den-ma ha vy wosa bos ow kewsel er dydhyow war'n post-tredanek ha'n pellgowser mebyl. Den da yu ha my a wra gwaytya y weles nos avarow - nos pur da vydh, py my a wra trestya!

A pheth anhygoel - rwyf wedi bod yn meddwl am gegin Mary Jones Tai'n Lôn heno, am ba mor cyffrous ydw i yno ac yn ei thy. Mae'n od i'w ddweud, a does dim hawl gen i i'w 'neud, ond rwyf yn teimlo fel mae ty Mary wedi dod yn gartref arall imi, rwyf mor gyffrous yno. Wrth gwrs, rwyf yn edrch ymlaen at ei gweld hi a'i llwyth hefyd!