dilluns, d’abril 18, 2005

Quantum Springtime Musing (English / French / Welsh)

Warm summer-like breezes blow through my office window
and I count blessings
better to count what you have
than to count on what might come along

These days have been for thinking
for reflecting,for penser de, for meddwl wrth
consulting the gazetteer of my errs
and the ways between them

This road map leads to interesting places
Yet it is true
some were better off uncharted
the torment of the journey hardly worth the reward

Still I cannot help but revel in the splendor of now
appreciating every day
the roiling tumult of the unifying experience of God
of everything, of Life, of whatever

perfect in its faults
enjoyable in its decadence
debauching as the cosmos entropizes

all that was, shall be
all that shall be is gone
all that is shall be and has been

God is lovely in his many faces
some solace comes to me knowing that while I
whatever I might be
remain with certain dreams unrequited...

In some other part of this ultimate experience
the same God in me, is in accomplished rapture
in passion, in the thralls resplendent joy
and somehow since he and I are one...

I too take joy in the relative potential
sit back
entreat the warm spring breeze into my lungs
as my next breath might be my last...