diumenge, de gener 01, 2006

Christmas update, or an Email to M (English)

Hi M,

I saw there were more cards when I came online to check my email tonight; I think there was an email transmission problem from the site itself. It may have been suffering from too much Xmas traffic, or, in the case of those e-cards, XXXmas ;)

My Christmas was very nice. A friend of the family came up on Christmas eve and we all ate and drank till late. Christmas day, my mother, brother and I went to a restaurant called Meadowbrook near her home where we had a really lovely meal.

Montreal was also very enjoyable, altho I got no rest whatsoever, surprise, surprise. Our first night we ate a great Russian restaurant called Troika, and then went out to a couple clubs, settling eventually on a piano bar with good martinis. The next day we had lunch at a nice creperie I know in the Old Montreal. As the evening approached we ended up decided on a quiet evening in the hotel's bar instead of fording the crowds at the clubs. We did go out to an Irish pub for supper than came back to the hotel for drinks and Champagne. Today was the long road home - LOL.

On the third I will not be able to workout any earlier, so that day I will plan on going on my own, with the hopes we can meet up on Wednesday.
Hope your party was a success!