dimarts, de març 08, 2005

Busy Town, Busy People (English / Welsh / Cornish / Italian / French)

Pedwar diwrnod heb siw na miw...

This time, it's not even that nothing has been going on, rather that too much has. To be honest, nothing of consequence has occurred, but then again, everything has been wonderful in its own way. La vita è bella, as they say!

Friday was quiet and uneventful. Saturday, ar y llaw arall oedd yn fendigedig.

Daryl (a friend of Anna's from work), Anna and I went to Parisi's in Schenectady for supper. The meal was very good in my opinion. I had a stuffed portabello mushroom for starters, then a fantastic spinach, walnut, bacon and feta cheese salad. My main course was a filet mignon with Jack Daniels sauce. In addition, the bar made two excellent martinis, I had a glass of wine with my meal, and then grappa with a fairly good dessert to finish. I picked up the tab. We were celebrating, Anna got permanent appointment at her job; now she, like me, can only be removed by an act of God, more or less! Félicitations à ma chère copine!

Ond melysfwyd gwir y noswaith oedd yn hwyrach. Rhif newydd: Dau ar Bymtheg. Mor felys, mor hyfryd. Daeth ataf yn nerfus fel sy'n debyg ei fath ac yn wyllt ei goes, ond gadeodd â gwen ar ei wedd - a gwên ar le arall hyd at hynny.

Sunday - pwy ddaeth? Tri ar Hugain - oh là là, cariadon Ledi Chatterly. Neu rywbeth fel'na.

Lemmyn, an ober. Seythun vysy vydh henna, py seythun vysy yu'n barys! Caroryon? Nyns eus, nyns whath nep forth!

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Tree ha dit...

Salut mon ami. Glad to hear you've been enjoying yourself as of late. I'm looking forward to our visit. I think we've about 8 or 9 weeks to go. And boy, do I have some stories for you...