dissabte, de març 19, 2005

It's all relative (English)

Where to begin, the week has been so fraught with acticity that the word frenetic does not even begin to describe it. Very little of what has happened this week would be of great interest to anyone reading this blog now, but in considertation of the possibility that it may survive my earthly demise, perhaps the inane bits of my day to day life will of some passing interesting to future ethnographers...

In any case, the week has been long, full of life and the needful things of life. I am awaiting the arrival of my exam for Skol an Emsav, the Breton intensive course I plan on taking this summer. I need to take the test first to see what level I should be in. I'm sure that it will be level 0, but perhaps my rudimentary Breton will already be good enough for level 1. At work, on top of 27 hours of class, we have also had five hours of supplementary meetings for a search committee looking a new English profressor, as well as an hour and a half of Union meetings, five office hours, and various minor social events. The week has been packed from stem to stern, some good things, some mediocre, but all equally tiring. I am really looking forward to spring break beginning next week on Thursday afternoon. It will be a blessed rest.

Oh, one of the people whom we interviewed was Jon, of Jon and Kim. Honeslty, he was the best of the three so far. I'm hopeful that he will remain on top; he's a decent person, and I think he would be nice addition to our faculty.