dimarts, de març 15, 2005

The Fruit of the Season: Bananas (English)

On the radio this morning, the DJ's on 100.9 made mention of an article where they read that banana's are an excellent source of nutrition. Apparently, a team of researches spent many long, grueling months, and no doubt, lots of government cash to let us now something that we basically already knew. Oh well, the true beauty of life is sometimes found amidst its utter futility. At any rate, one of the interesting, and moderately startling findings they made was that eating two banana's would afford you enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout! now that is useful to know. Me, I follow the path cut by the old mothers of my clan; they ate at least half a banana a day. I hate squishy brown bits on a banana, so I eat the whole thing, but do try to make a point to eat one a day.

Beyond bananas that you eat, life has been bananas. I have had no time to write any decent blogs, and today will be no exception. The weekend was good enough. Anna and I journeyed north to Saratoga and enjoyed a lovely meal at O'Callaghans where I drank a martini new to me called a Purple Haze. It was quite good, Bombay Sapphire based and deep blue in color. I also did something remarkable - well people who know me well will find it incredible: I made an entire meal of sea creatures. Generally I can't stand them, but this restaurant made lovely spicey crabcakes which a devoured with relish (literally and metaphorically, they were served with a pepper relish...), and then for my main course I had a great dish of scallops (about ten, quite large ones), bathed in brandy butter and cheddar cheese. They were devine!

Sunday was the Welsh Society's St. David's Day Dinner, which went remarkably well, and we lost very little money (which is unusually good!). The highlight for me was the peaceful transfer of power from me to Leslie. I had been the President for six years, and I was more than happy to pass the baton to her. Indeed, I have spent some of my time this week finishing up odd bits and pieces of projects I had officially begun as President, and haver merrily forwarded the rest of the projects on to her this very evening.

The week, tho it is in fact only Tuesday, has already been long, and I see no sign of it shrinking anytime soon! Monday and today were mid-term exams and the submission of mid-term grades. This done, tonight was Yoga, which was impossible to get to on time for either Carolyn or me. We both went to the 7:15 section instead, meaning that instead of being home early, I got home late and have not accomplished all I had hoped. The rest of this week will be interviews for an English position at work. The joy and rapture of middle-class problems never ceases. I, however do, for now, until the next blog, from this time forward, go in peace.