dijous, d’agost 11, 2005

Rainbow Tour 2005 Travel Log - Day 12 - Monday 7.18.05

I got up and had breakfast with D. Northern German breakfasts are a lot like Scandinavian breakfasts, altho without the prevalence of fish, especially in the cities. Every morning we had lunchmeat, cheese, good wholegrain breads, nutella, jam and fruit, as well as ample coffee. I'm not sure with D. became a coffee-holic before she left Germany to live in the States, or if living in the States made her one.

Originally she had come to the US to work as a nanny for a doctor and his family. Later on, she decided that she would stay and do a degree in Spanish, and her goal had been to find a job in the States and stay. Unfortunately things didn't work out that way, and she had to return to Germany where she did a business degree and now works for a seed trading company in Hamburg.

After Dörthe left for work, I did another laundry and then went "downtown", around the corner to Osterstraße. I had several missions to complete. I had to buy postcards and stamps, drop off my film to be developed, and finid fixin's for martinis for Dörthe and me. It was all relatively easily done. The main nexus of business is only about 20 minutes walk from Dörthe's apartment. The postoffice, cardshop, Photo Dose and Karstadt department store were all adjacent to the same intersection. After I got my cards and stamps, I dropped off my film and then went over the Karstadt.

Osterstraße's Karstadt is not a very big one, but it is big enough to have a food hall, so I hunted around for the martini glasses, then I went downstairs to the food hall to look for vodka. Much to my chagrin, their selection of vodka was pretty awful, so I opted for gin since they have Bombay Sapphire. They also had an exquisite collection of Scotch, including some very fine and reasonably priced 25 year olds. Unfortunately I wasn't in the market for Scotch.

The Karstadt didn't have any limes for whatever reason, so on my way back from Karstadt I stopped at the little Spar near Dörthe's apartment. I brought home my goods and chattels and then looked at the time. I was already late afternoon, so I took in my clothes from the clothes horse on the balcony (clothes dryers are still a rarity in much of Europe) and then went out for Chinese take-away - Germany does have very good Chinese take-away incidentally. Dörthe had a guitar lesson after work and wouldn't be home till around 8:30, so I took my Chinese yum-yums home, gobbled them up, and then spent some time with Jean-Marc and Mathieu in the pages of Le coeur découvert.

Once Dörthe got home, I introduced her to the wonders of the dry gin martini; she was very pleased with the martini glasses, but the gin martini was too dry and strong for her. We decided that tomorrow I would get the fixin's for a gin cosmo and see how that suited her, being a big devotee of Sex in the City, she thought she might enjoy them!