dimecres, d’agost 10, 2005

Rainbow Tour 2005 Travel Log - Day 6 - Tuesday 7.12.05

The events of Tuesday were little changed from Monday. On my way down to Straed Pierre Martin I stopped at the little shop in the gare and grabbed some chips, a sandwich, a granny-smith and some water to bring with me for lunch. We worked hard throughout the day, and it was nice to sit outside behind the building which houses the offices and reception room and have a "picnic" lunch with my fellow students and the teachers. It was nice to sit back and listen to conversations in Breton as well. I had been to Brittany several times before, and had rarely heard the language, only most notably during the Festival Interceltique the Lorient, but even there I heard it little. Here at Skol an Emsav it was as common in conversation as French among those who were in attendance, and even among the more advance students, rudimentary conversations in the language were fairly common, especially since Skol an Emsav uses the Oulpan method, and most of the instruction ends up being in Breton anyway. Even the beginners were able to make basic conversation after one day, and by the end of the week we could even hold more complex conversations.

As I mentioned earlier, the school is located in half an old école primaire. The half that Skol an Emsav occupies is partitioned from the the maternelle by a green chainlink fence. The maternelle is run by the French state under the auspices of a local authority, and they have maintained the older part of the complex with the traditional, and sadly drab stone and brick. The areas controlled by the Skol are painted with a cheerful bright mustard color and blue trim, except the office and reception which are in the same building as part of the maternelle, and thus still have the brick. Besides the portion attached to the el of the manternelle, the Skol has four other buildings, two of which are classrooms, one of which is a lavatory, and the final one of which is Dizolo, their technology space and classroom. The buildins are arrange in a U-shape with a center courtyard, and so when you are in the Skol, you really feel as though you're in a world apart.

After class, I stopped at the fancier sandwich bar in the station and got an "américain" on a whole-grain baguette, filled with tomato, hame, cheese, eggs and mayonaise, as well as a "flan naturel" and a couple Heinekins for supper. I went back to the Ibis and revised my notes before slipping off the sleep.