dijous, d’agost 11, 2005

Rainbow Tour 2005 Travel Log - Day 13 - Tuesday 7.19.05

The weather changed upon my arrival in Germany; even Sunday it was cloudy and threatening to rain, even producing a few small spells of drizzle. Today, the skies opened up, and it rained steadily throughout much of the day. Even so, after breakfast I wandered down to Osterstraße and picked up the first set of my photos. An error had occurred with the second set, and they wouldn't be ready till the following day. I also stopped at the Karstadt and the Super Spar and got the other ingredients I needed for the gin cosmos. I went back to D.'s apartment and dropped off my shopping, and decided that it was a good time for lunch. The Dynastie Chinese restaurant is only two blocks away from her apartment, and I decided to give it a try, as I remembered that it was good from my last visit to Hamburg. As I sat eating my chicken and brocoli and sipping my Warsteiner, the rain poured from the heavens. I was glad to be indoors eating MSG rich Chinese yum-yums. By the way, if you're wondering why I haven't eaten any German food it's because German food is especially hard to find in Hamburg!

After lunch I returned to Dörthe's apartment and was so sleepy from travelling and having so many busy days, and from the MSG and the rainy weather, that I lay on the couch and fell asleep for three hours, during which time I dreamed the most bizarre dream about two gay men who could turn themselves into cats. I was following them around, and they were on this strange mission to rescue the one man's daughter, who also had this strange transformative power. His daughter was the prisoner of this evil old English woman who lived in a big grey farmhouse in the English countryside, one of those big, blocky, gray stuccoed places. We arrived there, but not before I stopped at a Burger King and chowed down several hamburgers. Once we arrived at the evil old woman's house, one of the gay men killed her and we rescued the daughter who looked like a drugged out floosey. As the dream ended, the man who was not her father smacked her on the ass, declaring that she had beautiful ass just like her father. It really is odd what MSG can do to the brain!

Dörthe came home and made pizzas, one ham and cheese, the other vegetarian, and we drank gin cosmos which she much preferred to the gin martinis!