dissabte, de gener 15, 2005

Arrived in Safety (English / Welsh)

Saturday night, and I've arrived in one piece in the Big Easy; it was great to get here and feel the moist air from off the Lake and the Gulf and drive along the oak lined streets where the trees still have green leaves. Winter does come to this place, in its own way, although nothing l ike it does to us in Upstate New York. In Southern Louisiana the winter comes sauntering past, just a ways off in the distance; it gets close enough for the occasional freeze to torment the locals, but mostly it just brings the day time temperatures down to what we would consider to be a very lovely mid-sixties range. Every winter that I have come here, I have always been amused at the curious habit of the locals who, when the temperature approaches the 50 degree mark, dig deep into their closets and find their furlined jackets and hats and don them as though they would really need them to ward of the wee tinge of cool air that comes down this far south, even in the middle of January. On the other hand, we in the Great North, once the temperatures reach the 40's in the Spring, start wearing our shorts.

The trip was generally uneventful from Albany. The first leg of the flight was meant to be Albant to Charleston, but that flight was delayed. The attendant very kindly found me another flight by which I would come to New Orleans via Washington, D.C. Sadly, my duffle bag with most of my clothes did not make the change with me, and I am currently awaiting the courier from US Airways to drop off my clothes. In the end though, as long as my things arrive in a more or less timely manner, I really canm't complain. I ended up arriving here three hours earlier than otherwise I would have, and for a nominal fee, I was able to upgrade by seat on the Washington-New Orleans leg of the trip to first class.

My arrival at Barbara's house found her well and very much back in the swing of things after her battle with cancer, and it was good to see her back in top form. She invited me to have some chicken pot-pie and wine which was a welcome relief after travelling all day, and knowing that I would have to wait around for my goods and chattles to arrive.

Being here leaves me with a curious feeling. Like being in Wales this summer, I no longer feel like a stranger here. While Wales always felt like it was a part of me, it wasn't until this summer that I really felt at ease there in the same way I feel at ease in Schenectady. This trip to New Orleans feels the same way to me. It is perhaps the effect of frequent trips, but it may also be a sign of the continuing process I have gone through of letting go of worrisome things. The parts of travel that can sometimes be disconcerting just seem not to bother me anymore, and I am able to slip into the spirit of the place without anxiety.

Who knows what my week will bring here. Each trip has been different and unique, and the best have been the most interesting when I haven't even been trying.

Ond un peth bach: roedd Barbara a fi yn gwatsio ffilm. Nid yn bwysig ydyw nag enw na phwnc y ffilm, ond yn sydyn daeth Tri ar Hugain i'm meddwl. Gallwn i weld ei gorff, ei wyneb, mor glir yn fy mhen. Y gwir yw nad wyf wedi ei weld ers y noson honno cyn Nos Galan, a dwi ddim yn credu y byddaf yn ei weld o eto. Wedi mynd y mae o, i rywun aral, rwyf yn siwr, ond ta waith, mae o'n aros yn fy meddwl. Blwyddyn oedd hi o fod gyda'n gilydd, ac rwan mae hwn wedi dod i ben; dwi'n ei deimlo. Yr unig beth anffodus yw na fyddaf yn gallu ei anghofio mor hawdd, dim o'r olwg.