dissabte, de gener 22, 2005

Tá an oíche fuar agus garbh s'abhaile - Poth yu an nos yn Orleans Noweth (English / Cornish / Welsh / Irish / German)

Yeyn yu, ha nyns esov vy yn lowen moy. Ergh a wra omma lemmyn, ha gwyns. Ple'ma Orleans Noweth lemmyn gans an pothder, h'an dus poth ow hwari y'n tir gwerdh yntra'n dinas ha'n dowr? Trist yu an bys gwyn y'n misow du.

Ok, enough kvetching in Cornish... I'm really not that down about the change in temperature, but I don't feel like shouting in joy-filled rapture from the parapets either. It's friggin' colder than shite here, at 5 degrees with snow still falling. I had to extricate my car from the airport parking lot, then charge through snow-filled avenues and boulevards to home. My driveway was just passable.

Wow, what a change from New Orleans where it was 71 this morning when I got in the car for airport. The trip home was arduous, but still better than walking ;)

Nothing of note to report really, tu hwnt i'r Tri war'n Ugens - kewsel dhymm a wra unwaith eto. Pandra vynna'n gwir? Ich habe keine Anung!