dijous, de gener 06, 2005

When you have the crud, the whole world has the crud with you... (English)

Or so it seems. Just about everyone I know has either had this wretched bug, or someone of their close friends or family have. That's why we always called in the creeping crud in my valley; it had this way, whatever form it takes of moving from person to person, creeping along in a most unrefined way, and springing on people when they think they're safe. My own bout with the beast is drawing to a close, but I will still be hoarse for days, and this I do not like. I hate not being to belt out just exactly what's on my mind. One of life's dismal iniquities, being felled by a microbial entity with a rabbit-like procreative drive. Oh well, I have no profound thoughts to share tonight. Tomorrow is another day :)