dijous, de gener 13, 2005

Climate Control from Heaven (English)

The Great Being turned the climate control on Wales, in January. He must have been confused or something, since this is Upstate New York. Hard for me to tell, but it's around 50 degrees farhenheit outside, and the snow is nearly melted from the driveway, and has all but disappeared from the walks and the street. I went out to hit the circuit breaker in the garage without a coat tonight. It was comfortable, almost balmy. While the temperature was pleasant, the sky was sullen and angry looking, and the earth pot marked with patches of peasoup fog. My next door neighbor, Mary, joked that we haven't seen more than two hours of sunlight in the past week; she might be right.

Beyond the interesting weather, I have no deep thoughts tonight. My brain is full of MSG and Zombies, since Carolyn and I dined at Yip's tonight. Then I had to come home and busy myself with banalities. Fortunately, tomorrow is the last day of the winter session. The goner whom I mentioned in an earlier post, well it does look like he's going to do a Titantic and sink like a lead balloon. Alas, so much for being wrong. Luckily, he will probably be the only one. Then tomorrow evening, it's time for Pam's birthday; Leslie and I are taking her to Ferrari's over on the other side of town. That will be nice.

What will be nicer still, Saturday I pack up some needful goods and chattles and I get on a jet plane for the big N.O., New Orleans, Louisiana, what has been for the past seven winters, my yearly respite from the grey, dense winters of Upstate New York. Generally I'm not this anxious to go, and when I dined with Th. and M., I told a lie, saying that I was not excited. I am. The reason is simple; I spent so much time outside this summer, hiking, biking, walking, working on the house, that having to essentially remain indoors so much of the time now is stifling. I'm really looking forward to the relative warmth and that thick, sultry southern Louisiana comfort I've come to know and adore.

Each year that I go to NOLA, something interesting happens too, and in the past couple weeks, life has become a little ho-hum. A trip to New Orleans to see Barbara and her crazy house full of guests will be a welcome diversion to day to day life. Soon it will be chicory coffee, begnet's and bourbon ;)