diumenge, de gener 23, 2005

A Day of Zen, or something (English / Welsh)

A day of Zen, or something...

The snow fell in fluffy sheets across the northeast; to the south of us, it seems that few people are able to cope with the snow. As the climate changes, it seems that the means by which one can easily adjust to winter weather are being erased from the collective memories of millions of people. Now when snow falls in Philadelphia, it's as if the whole world were coming to an end. On the other hand, in these parts it really doesn't seem a whole lot better. Carolyn informed me tonight while we were at dinner that only one other person came to Yoga class last Tuesday due to the extreme cold. Yes, it was cold, there's no doubt about that, but why would one forsake money that one has spent on a course when one has no intention of coming everytime the temperature drops below freezing, or a snowflake falls anywhere on the continent?

We are three months into winter in the North Country now, and so far it has been very gentle. This is only the third snowstorm we've had that has warranted shoveling, and the first one that really made you put your back into it. The reality is that we have at least two full months of winter left, and possibly more. Indeed, in years past, even in my tenure in Upstate New York, we have had years where freezing temperatures and/or snow persisted for seven months. If we escape with five months, we'll have something to write in our memoires! And yet, life has to go on, but many people in this neck of the woods choose to hide through the winter. Then they complain about how bored they are. Really, managing in a clod and snowy clime is not all that difficult; one has only to dress sufficiently warmly and be slightly more cautious on the roads. So far this winter, I have been out on the roads during each "dramatic" snow event, and have not even so much as slid on the ice. Oh well, if they stay indoors, that means they won't be out and about to do anything I find annoying ;)

Speaking of Zen moments and snow, clearing the snow is like cleaning, and in this way meditative as well. It's good work for our bodies that rarely see enough good work, and when done carefully and only as vigorously as our health will permit, it is very good for us. I would not like to have to do it every day, but three or four times a month is fine, and even quite pleasant. Today I was out in the snow shoveling for an hour and a half doing the various walks and the driveway. Yes, it was very cold, but I wore layers and thick gloves and boots, and not one part of my anatomy was pinched by frost bite. The sun was out, and really it was a beautiful day, a day that totally disregarded Capital News 9's forecasts of blizzards and imminent doom.

In the afternoon then, I met up with Carolyn at the Crossgates, Albany's largest indoor mall. We went to the 18 to see House of Flying Daggers. The movie was visually excellent; the acting was fair, as was the storyline, typical as it was in that it portrays a legendary story, and hence is filled with hyperbolea. As a side, and somewhat sad note, Regal, who owns most of the movie auditoriums in the Captial District, has announced that it will be closing the Crossgates Regal 12 cinemas, thus reducing the number of auditoriums in the Crossgates from 30 to 18. Many people would have said that 30 is an excessive number, but for those of us who are fans of movies that go out in more limited release, we might be losing the opportunity to see some films which otherwise would have come to Albany. It is true that we still have the blessing of the Spectrum 8 in downtown Albany, but it makes its money by playing some big run films to finance the art films, thus the intermediate film has no other place in Albany but the 12.

Now tomorrow it's back to the battle, i'r gad, i'r gad, dewch Cymry hen ac ifanc, dewch i'r gad! Actually tomorrow is a needful day of preparations for the spring battle with ignorance.

A Thri ar Hugain? Do, daeth o yma neithiwr. Oeddwn yn gam? O'r olwg. Dynion: ni fyddaf yn eu deall byth!